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1. Angel aperture, charming eye light
Ingenious ring light source, let your eyes reflect a charming small aperture, make you look radiant, refreshing and charming.

2. Ring aperture design, improve stereoscopic effect
The light brightens the complexion, masks the flaws and fills the light evenly to improve the stereoscopic effect.

3. Steeples dimmable
Wide dimmable range can be adjusted from 10%-100%, meeting different shooting needs.

4.High quality PC color filters (White & Orange)
Easily change the color temperature to achieve the desired shooting effect.

5. Adjustable & Fold-able Light Stand
The stand is made of aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for duty work. The height can be adjusted from 33inch -108inch. For the best using, we strongly recommend stretching it to 66″. When adjusting the neck, the recommended angle would be within 15 degrees.

Remote Control
Remote control provides great convenience for distant photography with smartphone.

Steeples Dimming
With a dimmer knob, steeples dimming range is from 10% to 100%. It delivers continuous soft natural light without shadow, making you more elegant and attractive.

Charming Eyes & Attractive
Different distances of lights show highlights in eyes;
Facial features are enhanced under constant lighting for a more three-dimensional look and make you more engaging.

Best Ring light
180° Rotatable Ring Head
Angle adjustment button allows the light to rotate 180 degrees.
Fixed buttons keep the light and the stand in close contact.
The best angle of ring head ’inclination is less than 15°

Package and Warranty:
1x 18” Ring Light,
1x 80 inch Adjustable Stand,
1x Phone Holder for phones width 55-82mm),
1x Hot Shoe Adapter,
1x Remote Shutter,
1x Power Adapter,
1x Portable Carry Bag.

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